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Playing by "Mother Nature's" rules

M aintaining optimal health is pretty simple... in theory . In nature's grand design, we function more or less on "auto-pilot". Good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise, and plenty of sleep to re-charge the batteries. That's pretty much it in a nutshell - isn't it?

Why then, are so many of us so un -healthy?? Because in real life, it's not that easy!

We live in a toxic world. The American diet is bereft of broad spectrum nutrition - too high in empty calories... sugar, fat, hydrogenated oils and so forth; and too low in quality protein, complex carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and essential fatty acids. We exercise too little ; sit at computers too much; and run to the medicine cabinet in fruitless searches for deliverance from chronic maladies - the causes of which can never be addressed by drugs!

The body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself if basic nutritional needs are met, and if the nervous system is free to communicate as intended. * These are the core principles which guide and drive me in my approach to patient care .

Applied Kinesiology has provided me with the diagnostic and treatment tools to build a practice which attracts patients with complaints spanning a wide continuum... from the usual musculoskeletal issues one might expect to see in chiropractic office waiting rooms ( low back , shoulder , neck and knee pain ; headaches , and so forth)... to the chronic afflictions of 21st Century America... diabetes , asthma , eczema , chronic fatigue, Crohn's Disease , constipation , etc.

I humbly view the experience gleaned from my more than a quarter-century of practice in the field of chiropractic/Applied Kinesiology/natural wellness , as preparation for your first visit to my office.

Whether purely structural/bio-mechanical in nature (acute or chronic injury, etc.) - amenable to chiropractic manipulative treatment; or rooted more in functional organ/gland imbalances (where Applied Kinesiology truly shines!), I am confident that I can help you understand the causes of, and rational corrective approaches to your problems.

I invite you to schedule an evaluation, or contact me directly if you'd like to discuss any health concerns. I welcome, and regularly treat chronic, "difficult" cases .

We appreciate your interest in Manning Chiropractic and look forward to meeting with you.

In vibrant health...

John B. Manning, Jr., DC

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