03/10/12 - Case History - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Periodic Wellness Update

March 10, 2012

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic

Subject: Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Success through energetic balancing!

Hi everyone,

I'd be advising you to just hold on for a little longer for some much awaited warmer weather -- but I haven't heard many complaints in that department for a long time!

I always preach that the body's capacity to heal itself if given the right tools, is almost limitless, right?

Here's a case history to illustrate just that...

In October 2011, I took a call from a young woman who found me through a Google search on alternative treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome . Jenny was particularly interested in the amazing BAX Aura system we had added to our treatment arsenal back in October of 2010. I call it our environmental stress lie detector , but it's more correctly described as Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy .

*(See my newsletters... 05/21/11 Asthma, BAX Aura ; and 10/02/10 Training on the Bax Aura . Click on the Newsletter” tab at www.manningchiropractic.com ).

Everything in life is vibration” – Albert Einstein

You may have heard of that Einstein guy?  Apparently he had a few ideas about physics back in the day.  And yes -  in a nutshell, the universe is all about “energy” . EVERY substance has its own specific vibration (known as its “ signature” ). Dog hair, pollen, cow's milk, bacteria, tree bark, grass, chemical vapors, etc., all have their own unique, measurable signatures... in essence, their energetic fingerprints .

Sensitivities (or... “allergies”) to certain foods, dander, airborn particles and so forth, are extremely common. Emerging science suggests that the problem seems to be rooted in subtle energetic imbalances in the body (Heck... truth be told -  the old time healers knew this long, LONG ago!).

By exposing patients to the signature vibrations matching various environmental stressors, our Bax Aura computer is able to assess their bodies' responses, AND then help correct the energetic imbalances which underlie their functional health problems. Metaphysics at its finest!!

OK, I know that most folks are more interested in results, and less about the details...  so, let's get to it.   I'll let Jenny take over from here.  She was nice enough to email me the testimonial letter below.

Yep - the body sure has a great recovery ability if you push the right buttons :))

Yours in vibrant health,

Dr. J

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Jenny's Testimonial:

The BAX series I received at Dr. Manning's office *dramatically* alleviated my IBS symptoms that appear to have been caused by a number of sensitivities to all kinds of substances and emotional states I was experiencing. Over the course of treatment, I noticed a large decrease in digestive pain of all kinds as well as a large decrease in emotional eating *and* anxiety. Wow!

The BAX Aura system from BioVeda showed up on a Google search, intrigued me and led me to Dr. Manning. It was a commitment to take the series. His office was far enough away that 1/2 days off work were required for every visit, but it was well worth it!

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