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Periodic Wellness Update
May 07, 2009

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology

Subject: Spring Cleaning; Vitamin D; Cellular Detox; Personal Training, etc. ...

Good morning,
* S pring is here ! ... and none too soon for most of us, I suspect.
It seems that the change in seasons and the beautiful weather triggers some innate need to "clean house" (literally and figuratively) doesn't it? We're opening doors and windows to air things out, cleaning the cupboards and closets, loading big green plastic bags with all the "stuff" that seems to inevitably accumulate over the winter - and hoping we don't exceed the bag limit for the trash guys.

And speaking of spring cleaning -- this time of year - more than any other - brings the " I-really-want-to-get-healthy " folks in. Whether it's the "winter" pounds that mysteriously deposited themselves around the midline, or the sudden realization that the only road to true health and wellness is the one we pave for ourselves with good dietary and lifestyle choices -- patients want to feel better, look better and get healthier!

If you haven't noticed - Americans are chronically overweight -- nearly 2/3 overweight or obese, according to the CDC! Make no mistake about it... in the overwhelming majority of cases, this is a DIRECT result of our present nutrition and lifestyle! Unsurprisingly, Americans are chronically un-healthy too! The two are inextricably linked of course -- both consequences of under-nourished cells, under-exercised bodies; and overly stressed organs, nervous systems, and detoxification pathways.

I won't sugarcoat it. There's no panacea in a bottle! Getting and staying healthy takes effort. It requires a change in habits... both dietary and exercise . Is it worth it to you? Do you truly want to get healthy ? Only you can make that call. Do you want to decrease or eliminate your dependence on prescription or over-the-counter medicines ? Do you want less pain and more energy? How about better mental focus and clarity of thought? Do you want to decrease your risk for the chronic illnesses that eventually kill most of us (heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease...)? Hopefully you do... but no one can force it on you!!

If the answer is YES
- then keep reading. I'll be telling you about a one-hour presentation on detoxification that we'll be doing on Wednesday MAY 20th at my office. It will be a great jumpstart to your new healthy diet/lifestyle!!

In the meantime, why not try the following little experiment for just ONE FULL WEEK and see how you feel? --
1. Commit to reducing your intake of DAIRY products and REFINED carbohydrates (sugar, breads, pasta, cereals, cookies, cakes, etc.) by at least 50% ( more would be better) ;
2. Increase your fresh vegetables , fruits , healthful fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil, avocados for instance), quality protein (salmon, chicken, lean beef, organic eggs), and WATER; and ...
3. Get outside for a 30-minute brisk walk (or other heart rate raising exercise) every day.
.............I'd love to hear your feedback!

*Vitamin D
You hear and read about it a lot lately don't you? Perhaps your latest blood test revealed a deficiency. It wouldn't be surprising! I've been routinely finding it on patients (using Applied Kinesiology muscle testing) for years... usually in connection with an osteoporosis challenge test or some kind of dermatological problem. Frankly though, even I never realized the scope of the problem until fairly recently.

Vitamin D deficiency is pandemic !!
-- especially as we move north of the equator. I'd venture to say that virtually everyone within shouting distance of this newsletter is at risk. As you know, natural sunlight stimulates production of Vitamin D in the body. There's less of it in the north ; dermatologists have scared people out of it everywhere , and the sunscreen industry makes a living preventing it from doing its normal healthful job when we are exposed to it anyway!

And here's the thing -- Vitamin D is involved in literally THOUSANDS of gene-regulatory functions!! More and more - deficiency seems to be associated in one way or another with an astonishing number of chronic illnesses ... cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, depression, bowel disorders, osteoporosis, etc., etc. The blood test of choice for D status is the "25(OH)D" , also called "25-hydroxyvitamin D" . This test should absolutely be standard on routine bloodwork! When your next screening comes up - be sure to confirm that it's included. There have been some problems with one of the two major labs that do this testing. Long story short - you'll want to insist that LAB CORP does the work - not QUEST.

If you haven't had a chiropractic tune-up lately; or a full Applied Kinesiological screen of endocrine , digestive , and immune system function at Manning Chiropractic in the last 3-6 months... you're overdue, and it's time we had you in. Let's reduce disharmony in your nervous system, and identify the holes in your nutritional foundation so we can start strengthening your body from the bottom up..

*Cellular Detoxification
Helping the body to rid itself of toxins and restoring the balance of the gastrointestinal tract are often complementary approaches to cellular inflammation management and the improvements in functional health that follow. Every day, we are exposed to a toxins... often times exceeding the body’s ability to fully eliminate them. A detoxification program can be a simple first step for those suffering from symptoms and conditions associated with metabolic toxicity or inflammation (translation: Just about EVERYONE).

Detoxification occurs in sequential steps and involves biochemical reactions mediated by a number of specific, critical enzymes . Sluggishness or dysfunction at any point in the process results in the accumulation in the tissues, of intermediate toxic compounds that are potentially damaging to cells . Many, many Americans have difficulty with one or more of these detox phases (think LIVER)!

The Gastro-intestinal System serves multiple roles in the body, including digestive, immune, and barrier functions—all of which dramatically influence health. Anything that negatively impacts the functioning of the GI tract, such as a high sugar, high fat, low fiber diet; food intolerances/allergies, certain medications, chronic stress, or nutritional deficiencies, can lead to a disruption in GI function—potentially impacting many aspects of health, such as joint health, bowel regularity, immune function, weight, energy level, mood, respiratory function, skin/complexion, digestion, and mental acuity.

A comprehensive GI restoration program can support overall health. Advanced gastrointestinal distress such as "leaky gut syndrome"— associated with digestive disorders, dysbiosis (imbalanced bowel bacteria/flora), irritable bowel syndrome, and exposure to environmental toxins—will benefit from specialized nutritional support.

Mark your calendar for MAY 20th at 6:00 pm - at Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology. Chris Carreiro, my great Metagenics www.metagenics.com representative, and I are planning a fun, short, very practical presentation on cellular detoxification . We'll describe a 10-day program to help catapult your system in the right direction . This is a fantastic way to begin laying the foundation for big changes in your health and well being as we head into summer. Remember - if vibrant health is what you're seeking, it's ALL ABOUT diet and lifestyle. You'll be able to sample some delicious meal replacement shakes and bars as well.

If you plan to attend (or if you have any questions), It would be helpful if you'd kindly drop me a return email so we can plan accordingly. Thanks, and I hope to see you here :) -- Dr. J

*Personal Training

Like it or not, Mother Nature makes the rules . One of her rules is that EXERCISE is a necessary piece of the optimal health puzzle. Luckily, many of us enjoy it; lots of us tolerate it; and yes, some folks just can't stand the thought of it! No matter where we fall on the continuum though, exercise is almost always more enjoyable when we do it with someone else.

Some say that's because misery enjoys company! There may be some truth to that , and I suspect it has a lot to do with the motivating effect that training partners have on each other. Let's face it -- it's a lot easier NOT to get yourself up and out to the gym to throw weights around, or on the bike, or lacing on the running shoes! With a training partner, you're a bit more locked into a an obligation aren't you? Pulling a "no-show" is a little more difficult that way. Also, there's the " we're in this together " factor.. with maybe a little bit of friendly competition (spoken or unspoken) thrown in. And you know what ? -- it's all good. Whatever gets you going and keeps you going!!

Patients often ask me for referrals to a personal trainer . I always encourage this! I strive to have the healthiest patient population around (!), and the more folks motivated enough to seek out professional help in the area of exercise, the better. An experienced, accomplished, certified personal trainer is invaluable! He or she should be able to put together a goal-specific program for YOU. Whether you are just beginning to introduce regular exercise into your lifestyle (GOOD FOR YOU!!) because you understand its importance, or you're a high-performance athlete looking to find the slightest edge on your competition - the right trainer can absolutely make all the difference. Here are three whom I recommend...

1. Yenny Polanco ( www.yenny-polanco.com ) -- Yenny is a professional fitness athlete - 2008 Figure America International Champion - and AFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and coach http://www.afpafitness.com . I can personally attest that she eats, sleeps, and breathes health and fitness! She is a wealth of knowledge in areas of strength and flexibility training , cardiovascular conditioning and sound nutrition . Her clients range from soccer moms and weekend warriors to amateur and professional fitness and body building athletes. Whether you're dipping your toes in the exercise water for the very first time and are wanting to get started safely and correctly ... or you're a seasoned competitor striving to fine-tune your workouts, your diet and your stage routine,

Yenny will design and tailor the program that is right for you and your particular goals . She offers various packages, including phone/Internet consultations, one-on-one training in the gym or at your home, group workouts, videotaped exercise plans, healthy meal planning, etc.

2. Optimum Performance ( http://www.opt-performance.com/index.html ) -- Located in Lancaster, MA, Optimum Performance has the sophisticated assessment equipment to provide its clients with hard data information on a number of physiological parameters. This is a nice way to establish a measure of your overall "fitness" at any point in time. For example -- VO 2 max , is a measurement of the maximum capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen during exercise. Body weight as measured on your bathroom scale is only a starting point. Body Composition Analysis (bio-impedance testing) reveals all-important information relative to your body's percentage of lean vs. fat mass . Important information because the higher the ratio of fat to lean -- the higher one's risk of developing chronic health problems.

Metabolic Rate Testing is a measure of the number of calories one's body consumes during various activities (including at rest). It's a great help in assessing the total caloric needs of an individual relative to his/her training program. Believe it or not, many athletes consume too few calories to meet the demands of their workouts! Wouldn't that be nice to know? Establishing a baseline of information using these tests is a wonderful starting point. Periodic follow-up assessments (3 - 6 - 12 months?) can then shed bright light on the success or lack thereof, of your training, and enable you to modify it accordingly.

3. 1-On-1 Fitness ( www.shrewsbury1on1fitness.com ) -- Lynn Montague and Jeff Safer own and operate this small, clean, nicely-equipped,semi-private personal training studio. 1-On-1 is an excellent choice for clients seeking a more intimate training atmosphere, away from the busier, more hectic health club/gym environment. Lynn and Jeff are dedicated, principled, professionals who love what they do, and it shows. They are comfortable working with folks of all fitness levels, and their approach focuses on strength and cardiovascular training, as well as diet.

*There are many qualified trainers and fitness professionals in the area. I know, and can personally vouch for the above.

- Finally, about nine months ago, I began drinking an amazingly nutritious juice blend called MonaVie www.monavie.com . I've written about it in past newsletters, and you may have been to one of our Wellness presentations/tastings. Muscle testing consistently reveals it to be one of the most nutritionally broad spectrum foods I've found in over twenty years. If you haven't sampled the juice yet - please remind Judy or me the next time you're in the office and let's get you a drink .

In VIBRANT health,

- Dr. J

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