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Periodic Wellness Update

July 20, 2009

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology

Subject: MAN ON THE MOON!! - 40 years ago today

Are you old enough to remember it? Were you even born yet? July 20, 1969 ...

In the late afternoon, three days before my 11th birthday, Apollo 11's lunar command module - the Eagle - touched down on the surface of the moon... "The Eagle has landed." The MOON!!!!... a quarter of a million miles away ! ! About eight hours later - just before midnight, Neil Armstrong stepped out into the vast, oxygen-less unknown to make man's very first footprint on the surface of this orb; the origin of which dates back billions of years to the very beginning of the solar system.

I'll absolutely never forget it as long as I live. Armstrong's famous -- ".. One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind !" is burned into my memory -- and of course we've all heard it a thousand times since.

At any rate, I was reflecting on that historic event today, and for whatever reason, the utter enormity of it really struck me! We flew three men to the moon; two walked on it, took a number of measurements, collected various samples, and planted an American flag; and then the three returned safely to planet earth !

Can you even begin to fathom the complexity of that task? -- especially given that the Dell XPS laptop on which I'm composing this newsletter, has multiple times the computing power of the lunar lander of the time!!

I have included a link to Walter Cronkite's narration of the momentous event below. And isn't ironic that Cronkite passed away last week - just six days shy of the 40th anniversary?
I'm reminded that it is all too easy for us to forget/take for granted the absolutely beyond-belief (or "out of this world ".. if you will) accomplishments which can be achieved when we operate with a mind-set such that we will simply refuse to yield to the obstacles which continually seem to impede our progress.

This clip actually gives me goose bumps!  Perhaps you'll find it as inspirational as I do --->

In vibrant health,

Dr. J

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