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October 02, 2010

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology

RE: Livin’ it up in Hot ‘Lanta! (or Training on The BAX Aura by Bioveda Technologies )

Greetings everyone...

I’m coming to you tonight from the beautiful Dolce Hotel/Resort in Peach Tree City, Georgia.

About 30 of us have been really “tearing it up” down here since Thursday night.  Well, that is if you consider about 12 hrs/day (minus lunch) in a high-tech conference room, cramming as much info on the state-of-the-art of “Energy Medicine” into our squashes as we can -- a non-stop party!

“The application of the correct form of electrical intervention is a powerful tool for treating pain, initiating

the endogenous mechanisms for healing, and altering states of consciousness…”

- Excerpts From Electro Medicine: The other side of physiology by D.L. Kirsch

I’m absolutely thrilled to be (I believe the first doctor in Massachusetts) adding a phenomenal piece of technology to our treatment arsenal at Manning Chiropractic .  It’s called the BAX Aura , and it WILL change patients’ lives!

It’s a complicated story; impossible to be explained in a few sentences… but in a nutshell, the BAX Aura is an extremely sophisticated  bioenergetic assessment computer which measures stress on , and stress response of the body.

In essence, any deviation from perfect energetic harmony in the body (that means you, me, and everyone else with a pulse), results in decreased function (or dis -ease, if you will), which may be expressed in countless ways.  “Allergies”, digestive disturbances, headaches, skin disorders, cognitive dysfunction and so forth, are some examples.  The BAX reads and analyzes the body’s myriad energetic stress imbalances, and allows the doctor to deliver signals back to the body in the most appropriate frequencies and potencies that will stimulate the metabolic pathways needed to restore balance and health to the organism... sort of a homeopathy on steroids!

WOW – I know that’s a mouthful, but in plain English – we’re dealing with energy balancing to allow for the body's natural expression of healing to take place, rather than medicine management.  And believe me, the less the energetic disonnance, the greater the body’s healing power.

This weekend has been “off the charts” to say the least.  I’ve heard numerous 1 st person accounts of mind blowing proportions…  Here is just one:

An employee of the hotel stood before the group this afternoon, and related the story of her 3-yr old daughter with chronic, whole body eczema -- or was it psoriasis ?  And you see - that's really the point... the diagnostic label doesn't matter.  The BODY heals when it is in a state of physiological, biomechanical, and ENERGETIC balance. -- since 6 months of age.  She slept two hours/night on average, scratched and cried continually, and was unsurprisingly,  generally just totally miserable.

One month ago (during Bioveda’s last training here), the docs scanned and analyzed this little girl’s energetic pathways (painlessly via an electrically conductive cuff on the arm) and treated her accordingly (This is accomplished via low level laser stimulation .).  By the time mom and daughter left to drive home, this little girl had completely stopped her constant fidgeting and scratching, and remains 99% symptom free !!

Another account came by way of an email from a doctor in Ohio, who described a recent patient with multiple “food allergies”.  This person was constantly ill of course.  He could eat almost nothing, was overweight, exhausted, and suffered with constant stomach pain or upset.  With two weeks of treatment (again – that means bringing the body into homeostatic balance by means of applying appropriate energy frequencies via laser and usually homeopathic drops), the patient was 100% asymptomatic .  But that’s not even the most astonishing thing.  In that short time, the patient dropped ---- wait for it ---- TWENTY pounds .  Yes.  As the body’s toxic load and resulting systemic inflammation began to reduce, it shed water and basic tissue congestion to the tune of 10 pounds per week!!

At any rate, I wanted to send a quick note to touch base with you all, and relate the exciting news.  We’ll be getting things up and running at the office in the next week or so, and we invite you to explore and experience this truly incredible technology.

You may wish to peruse the Bioveda website, and check out some video testimonials here -->

We’ll see you soon...

Yours in vibrant health,

- Dr. J

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