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Periodic Wellness Update
Date: October 8, 2011

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology

Subject: Dr. J - Day 10 Post-Op Report ; and FLU SHOT (re-visited)

Hi folks,

Firstly, I cannot adequately express my thanks to EVERYONE for all the kind well-wishes over the last few weeks. WOW! I am truly humbled by the outpouring of cards, notes, emails, offers to lend a hand, deliveries of goodies, and so forth. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful circle of friends, colleagues and patients. I truly believe that the outpouring of such great positive energy you've sent my way simply HAS TO BE a great influence on my healing :) With that in mind, I wanted to update you on my progress.

The injury and treatment to date...

On Sept. 21 st , I managed, through pig-headedness and haste, to tear the biceps tendon of my right arm from its attachment on the radius bone at the elbow. Surprisingly, the injury itself was only moderately painful (though sort of nauseating). The feeling was almost like a rush of warm water flowing rapidly up through my arm from the elbow. In fact, that was the two heads of my biceps muscle rolling up toward their origins at the shoulder (YIKES!).

Fortunately or un fortunately I was almost sure of what had happened, and a quick look at my arm confirmed my fears. Not good! – especially for someone in my line of work.

Within minutes I was on the phone with Dr. Brian Busconi , renowned orthopedic surgeon at Hahnemann Hospital's Sports Medicine group. His response to my recounting of the injury (and I quote): “... Ohhhh!... THAT sucks." OK. That was reassuring :)

Two hours later I was lying in an MRI machine (Shields MRI in Worcester) . The next morning at the Sports Medicine clinic, I visited with Dr. Nicola DeAngelis; Dr. Busconi's associate, and the specialist in this type of injury. The course of action was clear. Surgical repair -- sooner rather than later .

* Fun fact : 95% of biceps tendon “avulsions” occur at the shoulder attachment.

Mine (at the elbow) falls into the rare 5% category .

* One week later, Wednesday 09/28/11 ... Party time:

After various interviews, tests, exams, meds, insertion of I.V. drip, and conversations with my anesthesiologist and Dr. DeAngelis, it was time to roll.

It had been 30 years since I'd last been under general anesthesia. Absolutely AMAZING! Mind blowing! The very last thing of which I have ANY recollection, is being asked by an O.R. nurse to move up about 6 inches on the table. That's it! ZERO after that. Next thing I knew (about 90 minutes later as it turns out) I was groggily coming-to in recovery, with my right arm immobilized and wrapped in a huge brace from wrist to mid-humerus. Holy moly. What happened? Where was I? Did we start yet? Was it over? What time is it? What day is it? What PLANET am I on?? I gradually returned to earth, and Dr. DeAngelis popped in to assure me that the procedure went just as hoped for.

* The nuts and bolts...

Through about a one-inch incision, and after deftly negotiating his way around muscles, nerves and blood vessels, Dr. D retrieved the biceps tendon and drew it (and along with it, the biceps muscle itself) back down to its normal attachment spot (radial tuberosity) on the radius bone. After suturing a stainless steel “button” to the end of the tendon, the doc inserted it through a hole which he'd drilled through the bone. Once through, the button re-positions itself to secure the tendon in place (picture a toggle bolt through your plaster wall). A plastic “interference screw” then locks things down solidly. Hmmmm... sounds like a video I'd prefer to see after the work has been completed, rather than before!

*Week 1 post-op:
Ever hear of the one-armed paper hanger! Just two things to deal with really – some pain, and a 2x4 for a right arm. Other than that, it was all good :) I managed the pain with lots of ice and proteolytic enzymes. I still have 49 of the 50 ( FIFTY!! ) pain pills they sent me away with. I admit to using one pill the first night, but I was determined that I'd get through without using more.

At 7 day post-op follow-up (10/5/11), I was relieved to be cut out of the monster brace and fitted for what's known as a Bledsoe brace... smaller, much more manageable, and allows for motion within adjustable ranges. Basically, my job at this point is to work daily at slowly improving (translation: force it through the pain) the motion at the elbow.

*(Today) Days 10 post-op (10/8/11):

I'd guess that flexion/extension is 75% of normal. As predicted by the doc, the real roadblock comes with supination/pronation (turning the hand palm up and palm down). Here, we're talking maybe 50% at this point.

Overall, I'm realizing very small improvements daily, both with pain and function. Actually, it's hard to believe that it has already been a week and a half since surgery! Here's hoping that with another ten day stretch, there'll be some serious progress to report .

* Supplements I'm using to support healing : Standard Process Bone Health Daily Fundamentals (includes Cataplex D, Calcifood wafers, Cruciferous Complete, and Ostrophin); Garden of Life Wobenzym N (systemic enzyme formula which contains multiple proteolytic enzymes to aid in inflammation control and detox of repairing tissue); Natren Acidophilus , Thorne Omega-Plus (omega-3 essential fatty acid source from fish oil. EFA's are the building blocks of anti-inflammatory hormones).


And now – so that I might offer you SOMETHING in this newsletter other than just news about yours truly...

Guess what. It's that time again! You see the signs at the pharmacy. You're beaten over the head with billboards, TV promos, nightly news pieces. Yea - You know what I'm talking about....


Well, you already know my position on that (see previous Manning Chiropractic newsletters at my website) . Number one, it's pretty much useless . Number two, it's dangerous . Case closed. Scientists know this. Pharmaceutical company marketers know this, but the admission by the Finnish government that you'll find at the link here is pretty surprising. Enjoy. -->

So, until next update... Yours in vibrant health,

Dr. J

West Boylston Chiropractor | West Boylston chiropractic 10/08/11 - 10 Day Post-op Report |  MA |

3 Hours post surgery

West Boylston Chiropractor | West Boylston chiropractic 10/08/11 - 10 Day Post-op Report |  MA |

1 week follow-up with the great Dr. DeAngelis

West Boylston Chiropractor | West Boylston chiropractic 10/08/11 - 10 Day Post-op Report |  MA |

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