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Periodic Wellness Update

October 14, 2009

To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology

Subject: H1N1 -- More on "Swine Flu"

Hello all,

Hoping that this follow-up finds each of you in great health and spirits!

If you have not yet been in for an Applied Kinesiology review of systems -- immune, digestive, endocrine -- I encourage you to give Judy a call to schedule. We're rolling headlong into winter. It's time for us to evaluate your diet and nutritional supplement approach to staying healthy as the days grow longer, and the cold/snow starts to sock many of us in for more and more hours each day.

As we know, TRUE wellness is dependent upon un-encumbered function of the body's countless systems... digestion and delivery of nutrients through the digestive tract into the blood stream and to all of our 100 trillion cells; protein synthesis, cellular detoxification, white blood cell scavenging of invading micro-organisms, red blood cell production, efficiency of oxygen carrying capacity, and on and on and on ....

Yes, as we know - TRUE wellness comes not from a medicine bottle, but rather from an amply-stocked cellular storehouse of nutrients across a very broad spectrum. At the risk of redundancy, here again are three of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite "wellness" oriented physicians/researchers/writers/thinkers - Dr. Majid Ali ( ):

"We have raised generations of physicians who know much about disease but little, if anything about health..."

"Why do mainstream physicians shun the subject of health? The answer is simple... none of the aspects of health can be addressed with drugs..."

"Diseases heal with nutrients, NOT with drugs. This is elementary and so obvious, that it is hard to see how anyone can fail to see this..."

H1N1 - "Swine" Flu...
A chiropractic college friend/classmate, Dr. Christopher Passalaqua , of Troy, MI sent me the article from The Atlantic, to which I link here. It is an interesting three-page piece, which I encourage you to take fifteen minutes to read. You may or may not yet have made your "flu shot" decision. You may or may not even give it much thought. I get a half dozen inquiries every day from patients. My personal decision is, and has always been to reject it (a big surprise, I know :).

At any rate, Information is ammunition. When it's time for you to give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down -- be well armed! -->

Until next time, I am...

Yours in vibrant health,
Dr. J

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