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Periodic Wellness Update

November 18, 2008

Subject: Flu vaccine -- ooops!

Hi everyone,
Hope this email finds you in great health and spirits. Today's update is a quick hitter that I think you'll find amusing (in a way).

I peruse regularly but must admit that I somehow missed this one. Luckily an old Palmer Chiropractic College classmate had my back. I received it in an email from him this morning.

It's an audio clip-- --of some young pharmaceutical company representative, answering some questions from a phone caller. My guess is that she was whisked away for immediate de-briefing after this one.

Remember - Mother Nature's rules are un-changing. The body heals with nutrients via optimal dietary choices; and optimal nervous system communication via regular chiropractic care.
As far as the flu shot goes, please re-read my April 14, 08 Periodic Wellness Update , or if (for some strange reason) you do not have this saved in your Manning Newsletters file, let me know and I would be happy to re-send it.

In vibrant health,

Dr, J

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