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Periodic Wellness Update

December 14, 2008

Subject: Side effects

Hello everyone,
This Periodic Wellness Update will perhaps be my last of 2008, but you might expect one on January 1st!

As you know, my newsletter (and my practice) is built around the concept that Mother Nature's rules must be respected if we expect to achieve optimal wellness. That means unhindered nervous system communication (chiropractic's wheelhouse!), and nutrient-dense nutrition (ample fruits, vegetables, protein, good fats, complex carbohydrates, water, etc.), adequate sunshine, exercise, sleep, mental stimulation, and so forth.

Take a page out of the Okinawans' approach. They are the longest livers on earth. Click here for the Okinawan Food Pyramid -->

It also means that while Western Medicine is wonderful in certain circumstances -- especially first aid, acute trauma, life saving surgeries and various medications -- it is generally but a bit-player in true functional health. The point is - the human cells and systems are designed to grow and heal and function with NUTRIENTS, not drugs.

For those of you who have attended any of our Wellness/MonaVie presentations, you know that this is the focus of my PowerPoint show. We are tentatively planning our first 2009 gathering for January 14th , but keep an eye on your inbox for confirmation.

Today I am moved to write after seeing the ad that appeared in last week's Worcester Sunday Telegram's Parade Magazine (12/07/08). If you still have this, I implore you to dig it up because you simply will not believe it. It is a 3-page, color promotion for the drug, ENBREL; an injection prescribed for various forms or arthritis.. in this particular case, "plaque psoriasis". Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot (A REAL LOT!!) of money on promotion (approximately $57,500,000,000 last year). Gotta admit.. their TV commercials and magazine spots are pretty slick aren't they?

I'm always careful to listen to the disclaimers on the TV ads, and I jump to the back page of the print stuff. This is where the action is -- where they casually sneak in the various side effects and warnings you might expect. You know -- minor inconveniences like projectile vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, depression, fever, tongue swelling, anaphylactic shock, insomnia, loss of eyesight, palpitations, uncontrolled bleeding, dizziness, fainting, coma, death... Nothing to make a big deal of, really.

Anyway - among other things, the word " infection" must have been used fifty times in the above Parade Mag ad. If you have an infection..; had an infection.., get frequent infections..; have ever had an infection..; can cause infections.., might get an infection.., think about infections... on and on and on.

Phenomenal! I know I can't wait to start taking this drug. How about you?
Folks - almost all of 21st-century America's chronic ills (heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, lung disease and so on) are associated fully, or in part, with the double whammy of woefully poor dietary and lifestyle habits superimposed on a toxic world.

But, it's New Year's Resolution time again!! I hope that you decide to make 2009 YOUR year to take control and responsibility of YOUR own health. Call me, and together let's make a plan!

Below, I've included several links to more information about the above-described, wonderful pharmaceutical, ENBREL. And by the way - if you or anyone you know is actually using this drug (YIKES!) - I would strongly recommend an Applied Kinesiological evaluation at my office so that we can begin the process of understanding the particular functional deficits involved, and initiate a rational, systemic repair plan through targeted nutrition, chiropractic and lifestyle modification. Happy Holidays!!

Yours in vibrant health,

Dr. J

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