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Periodic Wellness Update

December 16, 2008

Subject: Correction - 12/14/08 Newsletter; Side Effects

Hi again folks,

In an effort to maintain accuracy and accountability, I wanted to drop a quick note of apology and to correct an exaggeration I made in my last newsletter.

I wrote that the warnings/contraindications disclaimer page in Parade Magazine's advertisement for ENBREL , contained the word "infection" 50 times. I re-examined the ad today and made an accurate count. " Infection " (or " infections ") appears only TWENTY times in the text. Again, my apologies.

There are also references to: " death " (t wice ); a higher chance for " getting lymphoma " and " certain cancers ", " tuberculosis ", " multiple sclerosis ", " persistent fever " , " bleeding ", " heart failure ", " allergic reactions ", " trouble breathing ", " swelling of ankles and feet ", lupus-like syndrome ", " inflammation of the nerves of the eyes ", and " headaches ".

And oh yes, in addition -- Tell your doctor if you have seizures , any numbness or tingling , or a nervous system disease (i.e., multiple sclerosis), heart failure , are scheduled for surgery , are scheduled for any vaccines , or are allergic to rubber or latex .

It was also noted that this list does not include all of the side effects with ENBREL , and that you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
OK then - sounds like great stuff to me. How about you?
Actually, on second thought - I think I'll stick with nutrition ...

In vibrant health,

Dr. J

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