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Periodic Wellness Update
December 20, 2011
To: Patients and friends of Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology
Subect: Dr. J's back; New Year around the corner; Benefits of Cinnamon
Good morning everyone,

I'm delighted to report that it's only good stuff in this newsletter!

I am now back in my office full-time!! No more lounging around on my little vacation that I like to refer to as “Having-My-Bicep-Tendon-Screwed-Back-Into-The-Radius-Bone-From-Which-It-Was-Avulsed” . I can't say enough for the efforts of the stellar team of folks who helped put me back together just about as fast as physiology will allow.

From my new favorite surgeon, Dr. DeAngelis at Hahnemann Sports Med... to chiro buddies Dr. Steve Nault ( Low-Level Laser Therapy); Dr. Jim Duca (great chiropractic care to some of my patients); Dr. Rob League, Keene, NH (Applied Kinesiology chiropractic); Dr. Jim Convery, and Lee “Leebo” Baldarelli ( fantastic deep tissue muscle work)... Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Rehab Recap...

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