What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the Art, Science and Philosophy of natural health. Doctors of chiropractic use their heads, hands and hearts to determine the root cause of symptoms with proven methods developed since 1895. The chiropractic premise is that the nervous system controls all functions in our bodies. Mother Nature , in her wisdom, designed the body such that the central nervous system is housed in, and protected by hard structures -- the skull and spine. But, through the years, our bodies receive repetitive traumas from slips, falls, athletics, accidents and even normal daily activities.

So, what can happen when we don't tend to these micro or macro traumas? "Subluxations" can happen! Subluxations are subtle mis-alignments of spinal segments that lead to inflammation and interference in the nervous system's ability to function and communicate. Chiropractic works to remove those interferences, allowing the body to operate at closer to its full potential -- thereby affording it a greater opportunity to heal itself.

How does Chiropractic do this?

Doctors of Chiropractic perform "adjustments" ...  gentle procedures that physically "re-align" the spine.  Essentially, the adjustment reintroduces proper motion into spinal (or extra-spinal areas like a shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, etc.) areas which --  through specific acute trauma, overuse, repetitive motions at work, etc. -- have become dysfunctional.  The doctor uses a specific thrust by hand that may or may not cause an audible 'pop' in the spine or extremity; or by the use of various adjusting instruments (for example... Activator Instrument, or Impulse Adjusting Instrument).

Returning proper motion to these structures immediately improves communication in the nervous system.

FYI: There is perhaps 10X as much information travelling TO the brain than there is FROM the brain!!  This enormous nervous system signaling "feedback" is sent from specialized nerve receptors located ALL OVER OUR BODIES!!  And there are enormous populations of these receptors in the spine.  This is why segmental spinal motion problems can be so important to address.

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