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John B. Manning, Jr., DC

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Brad Anderson


West Boylston Chiropractor | West Boylston chiropractic Brad Anderson |  MA |

Need a car door ripped off its hinges?... a refrigerator lifted?.. or a couple of full beer kegs tossed into your trunk?

Great!  I have just the guy for you.  Brad is a local "Strongman" competitor.  In fact - he is the 2011 Massachusetts Heavyweight Champion, and represented the Bay State in the Nationals, held in Mississippi. 

As you might imagine, hoisting 350 lb. Atlas Stones onto 5-foot high shelves, or flipping a 750 lb. heavy equipment tire has a tendency to wreak a bit of havoc on joints and connective tissues. 

Working on Brad can be a bit of a double edged sword.  I usually feel as if I've had a gym workout myself by the time we're done with our visits... but it's always rewarding to be able to help dedicated athletes function at a higher level so that they can continue to achieve. 

Team Heavy Extreme is the natural evolution of Brad's passion for training.   

It brings together techniques from a wide variety of sources and uses the same secret techiques the pros have been using for years. Each T.H.E. athlete will learn to incorporate strongman style strength training into his current training regimen, with a focus on strength, speed, conditioning and muscular coordination.

Brad/Team Heavy Extreme works with all types of athletes, from strongman competitors to football players and MMA athletes. From techniques to help athletes overpower opponents or add more power and control to the golf swing, Brad has the knowledge, dedication and "real-world" experience to drive your training to the next level.

West Boylston Chiropractor | Brad Anderson. Dr. John B. Manning, Jr., DC is a West Boylston Chiropractor.