Following my graduation from Boston College (B.S.) in 1980, and a year at Assumption College; I earned my D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, Iowa) in December of 1985.

After a hockey injury, I'd had the great fortune to experience chiropractic's ability to unleash the body's incredible innate healing capacity . The improvements in my neck and shoulder pain -- 3 months post injury!.. and after having made my way through the usual "traditional" Western Medicine channels -- with my very first chiropractic treatment ("adjustment") were remarkable. By my third visit, I had already made the decision to pursue a career in chiropractic.

Post-graduate education (partial listing) 500+ hours of Applied Kinesiology seminar training with various doctors including (A.K.'s legendary founder)  George Goodheart; Schmitt, Leaf, Lebowitz, Hogg, Lang, Durlacher, etc., leading to ICAK certification; 120 hour Physiological Therapeutics program (Brenau University, Marietta, Georgia, June '98 - National Board certified); sports medicine, exercise science, chiropractic theory, adjustment of spine and extremities; seminar work includes multiple annual "functional medicine" conferences featuring Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD (Nutritional Management of the Underlying Causes of Chronic Disease, Improving Intercellular Communication in Managing Chronic Illness, Advancemements in Clinical Nutrition, New Approaches to Anti-Aging, Management of Chronic Inflammatory Disorders); Purchase and training on Bioveda's BAX Aura Clinical System -- a fully automated computerized meridian stress assessment technology, which includes Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), nutritional and herbal supplementation, and homeopathics (Peachtree City, GA, Oct. 1-3, 2010); Neuromechanical Innovations - Impulse Instrument Adjusting ( Dr. Chris Colloca , Toronto - Nov. 2007); Neurolink - Taking Medicine Beyond its Limitations ( Dr. Alan Phillips, Las Vegas, NV - 2002); Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) I and II (Tucson, AZ and San Diego, CA); Treating the Chronic Patient - Dr.'s Lebowitz and Wilson (New York, NY - April, '01); Bio Meridian, Innovations in Health - MSA-21 electroacupuncture diagnostics (Salt Lake City, UT - June '00); Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program (five modules, Danvers, MA - '94)...

In 2007 I visited and toured the Standard Process 1000-acre organic farm in Palmyra, WI, as well as their supplement manufacturing facility and laboratories; and in April of '09, I flew to Gig Harbor, WA to do the same at Metagenics .

The nutritional supplements of these two companies account for perhaps 75% of the products I use in my practice, and it was great to be able to actually see the amazing research and the technology going on behind the scenes, that really make their superior products possible. I can tell you that I would not hesitate to eat these supplements directly off the floor at either place!

Professional Experience Since January '92 - Solo private practice - Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology , W. Boylston, MA 01583... Emphasis is on evaluation and treatment of the "whole person", based on core principles of wellness. Mother Nature designed our cells, tissues, organs and systems to utilize nutrients, not drugs. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when supplied with optimal nutritional building blocks; when nervous system communication is un-fettered, and when various roadblocks to healing are removed.

'95 - '96 - Massachusetts Board of Chiropractic Examiners - Associate Examiner

Jan. '86 - Sept. '91 - Associate Doctor of Chiropractic, Worcester County Chiropractic & Sports Medical Associates , Auburn, MA.

Continuing - Lecture regularly at schools, to athletic teams, healthcare professionals, lay groups on subjects of prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, training principles, functional nutrition, human performance and the "natural healing model".

Lectured monthly at Worcester Crowne Plaza '95 - '97 - Chiropractic and Nutritional Influences on Healing ; twice featured speaker at Barnes & Noble Bookstore lecture series (Framingham and Auburn); created and delivered PowerPoint presentation to Applied Kinesiology group, Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles, CA - June '03); Author/co-author of two original papers in the Proceedings of the International College of Applied Kinesiology - Heal Helper Update ; and Identification of Hidden Spinal Fixations Via Maximal Muscle Contraction Testing .

*Voted "Best Chiropractor" in Worcester Magazine's annual Reader's Poll - 2006 (the only year in which this category was included in the poll); and in Holden Landmark's annual Readers' Choice Poll - 2009.

Professional Memberships International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) since 1987; American Chiropractic Association; Massachusetts Chiropractic Society; Worcester County Chiropractic Society - V.P. 1988, Treasurer 1989 through present; Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni Association

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