08/30/11 -- Stacy, one of our GREAT little patients, stopped in to say "hi" after her first day of kindergarten.  Some days my job is just SO FUN!!

08/29/11 - Nicole's last day of internship at Manning Chiropractic & Sports Kinesiology , before heading off to her freshman year at Univ. of Rhode Island.  I was so fortunate, while at Palmer Chiropractic College, to intern with one of the very clever Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologists anywhere -- Dr. Jim Hogg... and I've had the pleasure to be able to host some super kids in my own office on their way to doing great things!  We will especially miss Nicole -- and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with her HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!  :)

Robbie Vrolyk (here with Judy, our office manager) also "toiled away" in the Manning Chiropractic Command Center in the summer of 2011, as part of his Northeastern Universiity co-op work.   We were able to get out for a few rounds of golf as well, during which times we discussed politics, business and economics in general, and the efficient operation of Manning Chiropractic in specific.    A long-time patient, Robbie is entering his junior year, and is on full hockey scholarship.

Reagan and... errrr ... mini-Reagan?

Nicky and Madeline -- a round of smiles please!

Feeling a little down today?  Stop in, have a talk with Daniel, and see how long that lasts!!!

Stacy - Manning Chiropractic's 'biggest' little Lady Gaga fan...

Lifelong Manning Chiro patients -- Emma, Dorothy and Ruby.  Baby bro, Daniel was more interested in maneuvering his toy truck around the office at the time of this pic, taken by their mom :)

"PAXTON STRONGMAN 6" - Anna Maria College - Dec. 5, 2010

My bodyguard... errrr, I mean patient, Brad Anderson (6'-1", 275 lbs), is Strongman contest competitor.  I snapped a shot of what looks like a huge blue, barrel with legs.  Turns out that's Brad behind it.

You think NFL football team chiropractors earn their money??  Jeez!

OTIS! How could I leave the office without a smile after a visit from this big lug??

(L) At the 2010 Arnold Schwarzeneggar Classic & Sports Expo , Columbus, OH, March 4-7. This was a tough match. Dr. J vs. Ms. Olympia 2005 , Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia . She was very nice, and took it easy on me :)

Magda Tomecka , M.D ., has been a patient since about the age of ten, when her mom brought her to me with knee pain. A chronic underachiever :), Magda captained the Univ. of North Carolina's women's soccer team to the 2003 national title; and went on to earn her medical degree with specialty in anesthesiology. Oh yea - in '08 and '09  Maggie took time out from her medical career to play professional soccer (midfielder) for the Boston Breakers. Like I said, she's a real slacker!

(L) Dr. J visits Metagenics research labs and manufacturing facility in Gig Harbor, WA - April 2009.

(R) Mount Rainier, the highest peak in the contiguous United States at 14,411 feet. I shot this picture from my hotel window.

K-9 Chiro!
Winston -- one of my all-time favorite "patients".
Dr. J shovels fresh, organic alfalfa at Standard Process , Palmyra, WI - 2007
Robbie Vrolyk - Playing regular shift as Northeastern freshman - Oct. 2009

Spinal anatomy review from Ariana...

Dr. Dan -- consultant for difficult cases; 07/18/11

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