"Dr. Manning,

Thank you for keeping me healthy, and able to reach a level I never thought I could." -Robbie Vrolyk

*This picture of Robbie, as a member of the U.S. National "Under 17" team, was taken in Switzerland after winning the 2006 World Championships. Recruited by multiple Division I programs, he is now a member of Northeastern University's class of 2013 - on full hockey scholarship.

Robbie's case is an example of the body's innate capacity to heal itself when the right tools are available to it. Applied Kinesiology testing demonstrated some important holes in his nutritional foundation. Until the age of about 12, "asthma" caused him to miss (according to his mother) "about a third" of his games. Various medications helped to suppress symptoms somewhat (and can be life-saving in acute episodes) - but they do nothing to support the actual cause of the dysfunction.

Applied Kinesiology helped us determine that Robbie was in dire need of appropriate nutritional support of, among other things, his adrenal glands; and a balancing of essential fatty acids. He no longer requires medications to function on the ice - and his resume obviously speaks for itself :)

- Dr. J


Doctor J,

THANK YOU, thank you ... for all of your help through the years!! I think I may have made the block on this guy :)

- Jason Anderson -- Captain, Sutton High School Basketball


"I wish I had known this two months ago", Karbowski said... (Worcester Telegram, Sept. 21, 2006)

*Rick Karbowski was a rookie on the PGA's Champions Tour in 2006. He sustained a painful elbow injury hitting a shot out of thick rough. Various physical therapy treatments provided by the PGA, including ultrasound, heat and ice packs, electric stimulation, massage, exercise, and anti-inflammatory medication were not helpful. Rick suffered through several tournaments, and was forced to withdraw from a few others that season. He was so pleased with the results he experienced with his very first treatment at Manning Chiropractic, that he vowed to make prominent mention of it in his next interview. And sure enough -- he did! :)


Dear Dr. J -

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial.  Most competitors use chiropractic for help with injuries and spinal tune-ups...but your Applied Kinesiology approach takes it to a whole new level.

Thank you so much for all of your help!  My low back feels better than it has in years, and the recent elbow sprain cleared up in 2 visits!

Thanks doc!

-- Yenny


RE: Heart problem??

My name is Caroll Campbell and this is my testimonial.

In February 2011, during a routine doctor visit, I had an EKG that revealed I had irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmia. My doctor asked me whether I noticed and heart palpitations or chest discomfort. At that time I was extremely fatigued and my chest did hurt, but that often happens when I'm over-tired and run down. I've had Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. I've learned to live with it. However this time it was different.

In the next few weeks I wore a heart rate monitor for 24 hours, followed by a stress test, ultrasound, and chest x-ray. Nothing abnormal showed up, but I was gradually feeling worse over that time. The next step was a cardiologist, where I had another EKG. He confirmed that nothing had changed since the last one, and that according to all tests and bloodwork, I was one of his healthiest patients! This should have made me feel happy, but the chest pressure was a concern. He gave me a prescription. I didn't understand why I needed one when he was telling me that everything looked normal. He wanted my assurance that I would fill it, and I reluctantly told him I would.

However, when I was having the script filled, the pharmacist explained that once I start on it, I couldn't stop without calling my cardiologist. This medication actually alters the heartbeat, so it is very important to take it the same time each day – every day. All I could think of is “If there is no problem with my heart, why do I need this?” I didn't take it.

The first week in May, I saw Dr. Manning. In just a few minutes of Applied Kinesiology testing he isolated the problemdiaphragm strain (or “functional hiatal hernia”) – and corrected it with a number of manipulations, some soft tissue work and reflex stimulation. When he tested a muscle associated with my heart, it was strong and I was relieved:)

In just two days the pressure in my chest had resolved and I began feeling so much better. I returned for one follow-up appointment and am taking several supplements to support a healthy heart and body.

I am so grateful!!

Caroll Campbell



After suffering for over 25 years with acute constipation, hemorrhoids, fissure tears and extreme pain, a good friend of mine highly recommended Dr. Manning.  My friend felt that through kinesiology and Dr. Manning’s extensive knowledge of the digestive system that he could hopefully help me by getting to the “root” of the problem to give me some answers.  For the past 25+ years I have been to a myriad of specialists including proctologists and gastroenterologists who all tried countless “remedies” which were almost 100% chemically based products to try and help resolve the situation… and now I’m headed to a chiropractor?

Dr. Manning was informative and thorough in my consultation; he read over my medical history and muscle tested me using kinesiology as a way for my body to let him know what was going on internally.  He not only found some deficiencies in my system, but also some issues with glands as well as a sensitivity to nightshades.  This was very new to me, so I needed to keep an open mind to a new way of thinking.  I felt like Dr. Manning really listened to what I had to say and I left there with various natural supplements (that my body said it needed) in hopes of beginning the healing process.  What I really learned is that my immediate issue of constipation was only the symptom of the problem, not the actual problem.
I started to feel different within 4 days.  I started to move my bowels on a daily basis.  It was a shock to me and my family – this was huge after 25 years of constant issues.  It’s been about 6 weeks now, and I continue to be regular.  What a simple thing we take for granted.  I get emotional some days as I KNOW that my body is getting healthy and I am on the right track.
I am forever grateful to Dr. Manning for his help in uncovering the root problems in my system.  I also would like to thank Judy Conway for her support throughout this process as well.  At age 52, I used to feel defeated and in constant discomfort, and I really did think “this is just how life is for me.”  I now know that is NOT true – I feel energized, less bloated and overall much much healthier!
Susan Belsito, Paxton, MA


The BAX series I received from Dr. Manning's office *dramatically* alleviated my IBS symptoms that appear to have been caused by a number of sensitivities to all kinds of substances and emotional states I was experiencing. Over the course of treatment, I noticed a large decrease in digestive pain of all kinds as well as a large decrease in emotional eating *and* anxiety. Wow!

The BAX Aura system from BioVeda showed up on a google search, intrigued me and led me to Dr. Manning. It was a commitment to take the series. His office was far enough away that 1/2 days off work were required for every visit, but it was well worth it!

After getting a lot of "everything's fine" from my regular doctors and feeling really ill with severe and chronic IBS, I started to look for alternative treatments. At the time, my IBS just wasn't making sense with the classic causes. My diet consisted of pasture-raised meats and organic vegetables and fruits. I imbibed in none of the no-noes: no coffee, no soda, no alcohol of any sort, no dairy products, no wheat, rye, or spelt products (no grains really), no processed foods (no cookies, no candy, no cake!). I had a long list of no's and still had trouble with every meal: nausea, poor digestion, constipation, the whole gambit.

At my first visit, Dr. Manning performed a whole series of kinesiologic testing across multiple types of substances (foods, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, you name it!). I had my first BAX treatment and left with a fist-full of supplements that helped me feel better in the short-term.

After finishing the series, Dr. Manning's follow-up testing showed all those sens.itives removed from my system! And, indeed, I felt much better, so I knew intuitively that the sensitivities had left the building. No doubt the initial 30-60 days of supplements helped balance my system faster, but the BAX treatments really finished up the game
Jenny J
Framingham, Mass

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